Who is Covered by Subchapter M?

Are you covered under Subchapter M?

The Coast Guard’s Subchapter M regulations are starting to come into effect and US based work boat companies will be required to comply. According to 136.105 of Subchapter M, the new regulations apply to all US-flagged vessels engaged in towing or hauling, with the following exceptions:

  1. Vessels less than 26 feet in length, unless that vessel is pushing, pulling, or hauling a barge carrying oil or hazardous material in bulk.

  2. A vessel engaged in assistance towing a disabled vessel.

  3. A vessel towing a recreational vessel for salvage.

  4. A vessel transporting or assisting navigation of a recreational vessel in or between marinas within a limited area, determined by the Captain of the Port.

  5. A workboat operating and performing intermittent towing exclusively within a worksite.

  6. A seagoing towing vessel of 300 gross tons or more that is covered under Subchapter I, “Cargo and Miscellaneous Vessels”.

  7. Vessels that are inspected under other Coast Guard regulations that may perform occasional towing.

  8. A government vessel that is not in commercial service.

  9. A vessel that has surrendered its COI and is laid up, dismantled, or out of service.

  10. A propulsion unit for controlling a barge where the unit is controlled from the barge, is not normally manned, and is not utilized as an independent vessel.